Another steelhead

Fished the Sky again today, since the water levels are nice and low and it was a bit warmer than last week. I normally do not fish this much this time of year due to business travel. This hatchery fish hit at 11:30 AM at a tail out and looks like it has been in the river for awhile. Another aggressive fish, which is nice to see. More for the barbeque.


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
My arm is gettin' better...but I think I missed the hatchery run in my local creek. At this point, I'd love to catch even a snakey looking hatchery swag like that one! :D Ha Ha, I'm just jealous.
Yes. I also believe it is a summer run. It was about 10 lb, healthy and looked like other summer runs have caught late in the year on other rivers.