Tips/Polyleaders for Airflo Rage

I´m thinking of getting an AirFlo Rage head for my Echo3 switch. Which tips and/or polyleaders have you guys been throwing with the Rage?



Inglorious Twohander
Rage heads R awesum casting and fishing tools.. I have been using rio 15ft spey sinktips on all of my rages..
450,480 grn-7wt tips....510,540grn-8wt tips....
Head and tips mentioned above really fly for me...

Tom Palmer

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The designer of the Rage, Tom Larimer, recommends a 10' Airflo Poly leader with 2' to 4' of tippet. I use this in an intermediate sink for most of my fishing with the Rage line.

However as others have noted it will handle light tips just fine. Very versatile line.

Jason Chadick

A Fish, A Fish, A Fishy, Oh...
The rage will throw any polyleader. It definitely prefers the 10 footers but in the summer I really like the 14ft floater for small dry flies, the longer leader keeps me from pulling my anchor with the lighter stuff.


Inglorious Twohander
Are these MOW 15' of T-14?

Or are you guys talking about polyleaders llike the Rio type 6?
I'm using rio 15ft spey versitips.. 8wt tips are 109 grains... Rage heads R very powerful in their capacity to turn over tips and flies....