SBS Foam Top Wog

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Another request by a WFF member. This fly was created by Cory Williams and seems to be good for a variety of species. Since I will be targeting bass with this, I've tied it on a larger hook and a different color than the original.

Hook: Daiichi 2546 3/0
Thread: UTC GSP
Tail: Marabou and Crystal Flash
Body: Deer Hair topped with 2mm Foam

Start off by starting your thread at the point of the hook and work just to the start of the barb. Do not dress the hook any more than this as we will be spinning deer hair.

Measure your marabou tail. Always use something that isn't going to change as a reference. Here I am measuring from the front of the hook to the bend in the hook. Also notice that the feather is wetted to make it easier to work with.

Switch hands, tie in and trim the butt ends. Only use three wraps here as we are going to stack the tail.

Add in some black marabou and some Crystal Flash.

Stack another orange piece of marabou on top of the black. Clean up the butt end and superglue. This will the anchor stop for the deer hair.

Cut a piece of foam as I have done here.

Tie in. You can cover up your thread with some orange dubbing here if you want.

Take a clump of the first color of deer hair. Splay it between your fingers and run it thru your deer hair comb a few times to get rid of the underfur.

Clip off the tips of the hair...

And clean up the butt ends.

Go over with bundle of hair with one loose wrap right in middle of the bundle. Make a second wrap slightly tighter.

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Make one more wrap and pull straight down while simultaneously letting go of the hair. As the hair begins to spin around the hook, bring the thread to your chest.

Throw on a half hitch, pack, and then add some superglue.

Spin in another clump, tie off and pack.

I also chose to add in some stripes.

Couple more hanks of black.

Another orange and two more black. Tie off, pack hard and glue. Get ready to trim.

Using a razor blade, invert the hook and cut the bottom flat. Disclaimer: Never having seen the fly in person, I'm not entirely sure if the bottom is cut along the shank of the hook or at a slight angle. You can experiment with both cuts.

Here's what it looks like after one pass of the razor. It's sharp!

Continue roughing in the shape. Remember what my barber always said, you can cut more hair off but can never put more hair on.

In this shot I am almost done. This particular fly I went with a slimmer profile than the green one.

Now spin in the wings. Instead of trimming off the tips of the hair, leave them on. Tie off, pack and glue.

Cut down the top of the fly even with the body but leave the other tips alone. Bring the foam up and tie off.

Trim the bottom hair flat with the body.

Do some final shapeing if necessary.