Clouser query!

Been getting my tie on for SRC and after using some of my clousers on the water, I have discovered how they seem to mess with my casting. I am assuming it is the weight aspect vs an unweighted fly. Some folks have commented on how they don't like to throw clousers due to this so I started using small chain beads to reduce the weight yet still give the inverted ride.
The hooks are ss15 #6
Do they make lighter dumbbells or synthetic ones to address this, though I feel pretty ok with the application as is?

Eyejuggler, you're right... heavy clousers suck to cast especially if you are using a floating line. The trick is to tie them with small eyes, your bead chain shouldn't be a problem, but sometimes don't have enough weight to make them ride upside down but they still catch fish.

If you are using a intermediate line it makes it much easier due to the heavier line weight and much shorter leader. Even with a floating line you can use a shorter leader and that will help. They make dumbbell eyes in very small sizes, smaller then you would need. Very nice looking clousers, they should work well.


Hareline offers synthetic, non weighted dumbbell eyes. They just came out this year. Your local fly shop can order them.

They also sell, lightweight aluminum dumbbell eyes.

Nice, many thanks guys!
Now that I am getting comfortable with some tying, I am starting to tweak stuff and finding the right tweaks is key.