SBS Anti-Static Suspended Chironomid Bomber

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This SBS was done per a request that came in from WA-Fly for a stillwater pattern. Also, the other day I remember talking about creative flytying usage of household items, so I also incorporated some of that in here as well. I tried to get the rusty brown, old-school, look that does so well in dirty water. You of course can modify the color by what you wrap under the bag. This can also be tied anywhere from size 14 thru 20 but then it wouldn't be indicitive of large chironomids flies called "bombers."

Hook: Daiichi 1150, size #12
Thread: Brown
Tail: Para Post Wing, White
Body: Anti-Static Bag, Red
Rib: UTC Ultra Wire, Copper, X-Small
Thorax: Mahagony Dubbing with Pom-Pom

Start off by laying a smooth thread and tie in the tail.

Tie in the wire,

Find yourself an anti-static bag. These are usually for packing electronics. Notice how translucent it is.

Cut a thin strip from the bag.

Wrap the bag forward in overlapping tight wraps and tie off.

Counter wrap the wire and tie off.

Raid your Granny's drawer and find some Leggs Eggs.

Raid your kids Arts and Crafts drawer and find some Pom-Poms.

Wrap the Pom-Pom in a small piece of panty hose. Gather the ends and twist until the hose draws tight around the Pom-Pom. Tie to the hook and trim the excess hose off.

Dub the thorax and apply a couple coats of SHHAN.

Job Done.



I found and lost the procedure for tying that pattern long ago so thanks, Eric, for posting. We originally used white Styrofoam filler balls from bean bag chairs with the nylon. There was a five and dime store in town that sold the chairs and they leaked the little tiny balls onto the floor. We asked if we could buy the tiny Styrofoam balls and they said all we had to do was sweep them up and they were ours.

I do seem to remember the brand of nylon stocking was critical :D