Final shot

Brother and I with dog in tow traveled over east of the Columbia to get our last upland and jump duck fix for the season. Camped the weekend in the frigid temperatures with the land to ourselves. Put some good miles on our legs, but were rewarded with solid flushes and action of all species. Busted multiple large coveys of quail in the open, found a few pheasant roosters in the thick stuff, stalked up on some ducks playing in the only thawed out water, watched thousands of geese migrate low overhead, and even stirred up a rabbit. Toughest part about the hunt was deciding what shot size to have in our guns to anticipate what kind of feathered friends we'd flush. Never got it right when it counted. Ended up knocking down quail with four shot loaded instead of my preferred seven shot load. Then jumped the pheasant with seven shot loaded. Glad I'm young with years of learning ahead of me. Missed a lot of birds, but I blame that on the cold slowing down our motor skills. Overall, a phenomenal weekend shared with my brother.


Probably not, unless you practiced your gun mount while wearing your jackets and gloves. Just putting on a hunting coat over your normal practice attire will interfere with that.
Yeah I agree Alex, the first day we humped around backpacks and were swinging our guns with extra layers and straps taking up most of our 'normal' shouldering space. I've practiced shooting like this, but it never quite feels right and definitely impacts success rate. The next day we shot better with less layers and no packs. I just like to blame the bitter cold though.