North sound 1/13 report

I got some much needed time on an S river on Sunday. I usually don't get too serious until February but with the rivers closing at the end of the month I felt the need to get some days in. Nevertheless, I almost bailed on the idea because of the cold but it had been too long and I was determined to get out. Despite frozen extremities, I was pleasantly warmed by a three fish day. The first got off after a heartbreaking 3 seconds. The second came 30 minutes later and turned out to be a beautiful little native hen who made 6 towering leaps before wearing herself out for a gentle release. I was pumped! Not thinking the day could get any better you can imagine my delight when my line came tight a third time, this time a hatchery hen of about 10lbs not 15 minutes later. Needless to say we had a delicious steelhead dinner last night. My wife was so impressed with the dinner she made the statement "Babe, you can go fishing anytime". Music to my ears, I only wishI had a tape recorder!