Fish Sculls?

I have a bunch of the large ones. I use them for big flies - 3" to 6" for tropical fish like Dorado, Pargo, etc and I will try them this year for Ling Cod and Tiger Muskie.. You do have to be careful not to hit your rod with them while casting. It could be disastrous.

The original question was what patterns use the small fish sculls?

I stand by my statement that there are no defined patterns. People are still experimenting with them to see what kind of flies that work can be created. What I saw in the link you provided were skulls put on a lot of different flies whether they looked or fished well to show the potential uses of the skulls.


Bob, yup! They only came out a few years ago so there's a lot of experimentation going on... kind'a like when dumbbell eyes and cone heads first came out. I only started tying with the Skulls last summer so I have limited experience with the patterns... but experimentation with new patterns is the part I like best about fly tying.

It's a heck of a rush if the experimental pattern works for me and my fishing buddies. Guess it's part of the creative process. However, it's a bummer when someone gets things reversed and laugh at my fly patterns instead of my cartoons. :eek:


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The Sculpin Heads are deadly here. Rivers or Stillwater. But combined with wet bunny they are experience to cast :)


Tying with the different heads is fun but if the patterns don't actually catch fish, I'll lose interest PDQ. It will take a few years of experimentation with different patterns for different species of fish to decide if the heads are really worthwhile.

They certainly look cool to humans but the patterns have no significant track record... yet.

I remember when luminescent patterns were all the rage. There was fly tying products up the waazoo made from green luminescent materials.

After two years of trying patterns that glowed when you flashed them with light, I came to the conclusion they didn't work worth a hoot. So I no longer tie luminescent flies.

Time will tell. Sometimes new fly tying products are the cat's meow, sometimes they repel fish more than attract them.