Rosy Dawn 4/0

Tied this one over the last two nights, Rosy Dawn from Pryce-Tannatt
I include a picture of the first night, when i finished the body, then last night after i set the wing and finished the head.

Hook is a Noble D from Ronn Lucas, a beautiful hook. I think i'll have to get some more of this style.


Rob Ast

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Great to see the body sans wing and with wing. It amazes me that you got all of the winging material on the hook without elongating the head at all. Must be like one wrap per feather on there. Thanks for sharing.
the key is tons of wax. I wrap on with 5 or 6 wraps, then wind off 3 or 4 to tie in the next part. Wax hold it in place after you wind off some wraps, if you are careful enough.

zen leecher aka bill w

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So the wax presses on the material and also holds it in position... The wraps position the material at the needed angle and then the wax holds it there until the next material layer is applied. I see.

What wax?


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Bill and Gretchen's BT super tacky wax works just as well and since it is in a "lipstick tube" it is easy to apply and not get on your fingers.