Flies for OS

My bet IS you'll raise some dollies. I've done it - but not with a beach popper. Should work!!
They will get airborne on the strike
Where will you be pretend fishing??
Getting a bit ahead of myself already, but I started thinking about flies to use for Occupy Skagit. I think I'd rather not waste good hooks by clipping them at the bend. So I noticed all these paper clips in my desk drawer. I'm thinking about bending the large bend nearly closed to make an eye. I need to get to work on one with some pliers to see if this is feasible. If it is, it would be an el cheapo Waddington shank with nothing to tie a hook on the tail end.

Next step is a suitable OS fly pattern. My inclination is to alternate palmered red, white, and blue marabou.

I've been using Paper clips as shanks for some of my winter flies for a couple/few of seasons now. They work great.


I know this will sound really bad...but part of me actually wants to sneak off to some prime water and skate a hookless fly over it and see what I can rise....I have to keep telling myself NO...protest in large groups...be as visible as possible or it's a wasted effort..