NFR the final "foot" update

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
it's time to say a huge "thank you" to all you guys who've put up with my bitching about my newly restored left foot! I'm happy to report that, thanks to Dr. Tony Kim in Wenatchee, I'm now able to really put some power into it, and am seriously working out each day on the trails here in Leavenworth. I can now ride a fully flat ski with full effort. Got zero endurance at this point, but the form, timing and balance has returned: I'm a happy camper!!

When I'm babbling on about skiing, this video is what I'm talking about. No, I'm NOT Petter Northug, but for maybe 50 meters, I can ski like that!!

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
There is nothing more valuable at our age than good health. It is like being released from prison (I would think).
Karl, I guarantee that when I "get there", I'm gonna find the idiot who coined the phrase "golden years" and put some of his parts on my wall...

The one really big thing I've learned after almost a decade of not being able to really put power into my skis is that at my age every morning is "interesting" just getting out of bed; the only thing not aching is the hair on my head:eek: Never used to be that hard, and after about a week, my soreness went away. Thank God for Aleve and scotch!!!

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Make up your mind. What is it skating or skiing??
Ah, good question, Jim! In cross-country skiing there are two vastly different techniques used today, classic technique-the "kick & glide" most folks are familiar with, and a newer, considerably faster technique called "freestyle", or skate skiing. The skis, boots, bindings and poles for each are completely different and not interchangeable.

I was originally trained in classic, and when i was racing in the first half of the `80's, skating wasn't allowed on the World Cup circuit. Since then however, it's really taken off. I did a few races after 1985 using skate technique, but don't enjoy racing with this as much as classic. With skating tech, you always need to have a "heads up" approach, and constantly analyze the terrain you're skiing over, changing pole plants, power strokes, yadayada, to milk the most out of it. In classic, your skis are in those little tracks, and especially on long uphills, you can just mentally "zone out" and let the skis do the work. it seems to provide a little mental rest once in a while, especially on a long race, say 30km and longer.

I love skiing both techniques, but thanks to that collapsed arch, I couldn't skate for the better part of a decade; now that it's fixed, I'm goin` crazy, skiing again. I alternate techniques so I work different muscle groups, and work them in different ways.

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
There's nothing I like better than spotting some kid 50 meters or so, and when he thinks he's hot shit, just blow by him, afterburners lit. The trick is to gradually reel him in, but still have plenty of fuel for the hill in front; thatl's where you light the burners, and "bring `er up to warp 9". Unfortunately, the engine, as Scotty would say, "canna take much more, Captain". Today begins the long slow distance workouts, now that I've built up a decent cardio base. Muscles I haven't been able to use in almost a decade!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
That's great news, Alex. Its such a bummer to be sidelined for so long. I've always thought that if I lived where it snows a lot in the winter, I'd have to take up cross country skiing just to preserve my sanity.

Just a few months (only since mid-Oct) of backing off from doing the active things I love to do (paddling all day, surfing, etc) has driven me bat dung crazy. My tendon injury is healing up, but the joint area is still sore. But with the swelling and pain gone from the tendon sheath, I am working out my arm a little now, wearing a compression sleeve. Followed by icing and cross-tissue massage.

Now my goal has become to avoid getting talked into "jumping the gun" and re-injuring before its strong again.
I'll be paddling my yak and surfing again shortly. I've been very happy with this dry weather, since I've been able to go for some great bike rides and long brisk beach walks.

Well thanks for clearing up my mind. I feel like I'm smarter now than I was 15 minutes ago.:p:p
Don't worry, Jim. The feeling will pass.:D


"Chasing Riseforms"
Glad you are doing well Alex. I have been fighting a sciatic nerve/back problem off and on. And, this last few weeks has been hell. I haven't been able to fish but once in two weeks, so I'm going crazy. Feeling pretty dang good today, but am afraid to go on the beach and aggravate the thing. Getting older can sometimes be a bitch!