Favorite Fiberglass Rod

Jerry Daschofsky

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I make cheap food that turns out deliciously ;) I don't get fancy like Jerry D, but I can hold my own. We'll see how the numbers shake out. If it is going to be 15 people, I probably won't cook a full meal for everyone, but 10 or less than I'm good with.
Lol, I don't cook fancy, I cook comfort foods. ;)

David Loy

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I'm good with potluck too Gary. You could drive the bus and tell 3 or 4 of us (Seattleites) what to bring and we picnic (& flick sticks) in the park. Make it easy on yourself.
(Someone is bound to take that the wrong way.)
Favorite rod??? That's like asking me which one of my children I love more. I have 5 or 6 glass rods, 6 or 7 bamboo rods and more graphite than my wife needs to know about. I fish and enjoy each and everyone of them. It all depends on the size of fish, type of water and if I am in a boat or not. And I can't forget my mood.
Like many others I'd pick Steffen's 8' 5/6 as the one rod i would keep; however my current favorite is Kabuto's 7'6 5 wt. It fishes like a beefed up version of Kab's 764, which it is. Excellent for smaller streams with brushy banks and overhanging trees holding large trout willing to take a streamer.
Gary Borger. Thanks. It seems to be a love / hate reel lol I love it.
Well I hope I love it. I just bought the same reel today to match to a 6" Hardy Brook rod I just bought as well. I am new to fly fishing in Washington State, but really enjoy stream fishing for trout and hope this will be an awesome set up.

Thank you for helping the "newbie".