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Just a heads-up that Puget Sound Retriever Club will be hosting open training days the second Saturday of every month at our training grounds in Dewatto. We have about 120 acres of land and 50 acres of water.

These will be free and open to anyone who wants to work with their dog in a more structured setting where you have throwers and birds available.

I'll post again as dates draw closer.


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Spend More Time With Your Hunting Buddy​
Puget Sound Retriever Clubs announces Retriever training days which are open to the public
Puget Sound Retriever Club has scheduled a series of training days, open to the public, at their training grounds in Dewatto, Washington. The training days are generally scheduled for the second Saturday of the month starting at 10 am. They are open to all interested in fostering the retrieving ability of their canine companions and improving their ability as handlers and trainers. Directions to the ground can be found at

Puget Sound Retriever Club’s private training grounds consist of approximately 120 acres of field and 50 acres of water. The grounds provide a variety of natural features to foster learning for any level of dog and handler. According to Harry Williams, PSRC’s president, “The Puget Sound Retriever Club has conducted our open training days as a way for people of all interests and abilities to spend more time with their canine companions and for both handler and dog to become stronger team. Training and hunt tests provides a fun and non-competitive environment that helps prepare the both members of the team for hunting season. We welcome handlers and dogs of all abilities, and senior club members are always available to help.”

Dates of the training days are:
- March 9, 2013
- April 13, 2013
- May 18, 2013
- June 8, 2013
- July 13, 2013
- August 10, 2013

The Puget Sound Retriever Club was founded in 1950 and is dedicated to the conservation of game through the use of trained Retrievers. PSRC also supports Retriever Field Trials and Hunt Tests. It is the club’s universal goal to assist those interested in training their dogs to be outstanding canine citizens and adhere to the breed’s original purpose of proficiently retrieving fallen game.


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I've got a new Golden (three months in a week) and a 12 year old who's definitely interested in getting out with a dog.

How old does a pup need to be to show up for the first time, and what is the expectation for their behavior past the standard sit / stay / here?