Pattern Getting down and dirty for winter steel

The title mostly explains the theme for this one-using heavy flies that sink like spark plugs for winter steelhead.This particular fly is just a modified version of the egg sucking leech.I have caught and hooked more winters on this fly than i have with the standard egg patterns (glo bugs,lifters etc).Alot of people would argue this is a jig,but my belief is that if it is tied on a fly hook with fly materials then it is a fly.This fly gives an awesome profile in steelie green water and has excellent movement,and in addition it has a good hookup rate.I tie this fly with and without the rabbit strip tail out the back,this is the one without.This fly can be tied in many different colors and sizes making it very versatile.

heres a picture and the recipe

Hook:gamakatsu octopus size 2 or size 4-6 egg hook (shown above)
Thread: ultra thread pink 70 denier
Eyes:large or extra large chrome plated lead eyes
Head:sts trilobal dubbing fl pink,fl flame,fl orange mixed
Body:shrimp pink cross cut rabbit strip