Pattern Hotwire mega stone

Last year early may i was tying some flies for a trip the next day,it was higher water than normal and i knew the trout would be stuck to the bottom.I was running low on tying materials so i tied up my possie buggers/prince nymphs then looked at what i had left to see what i could come up with.Something larger with flash and movement that will also help get the other fly down to the trout.About half an hour later i had came up with a fly that looked like a mega prince and a wired stonefly made babies.With high hopes for the new cool looking stonefly nymph my friend and i headed out.I started out with my usual rig of a size 12 possie and a small flashback pt dropped off it,with just a few fish to hand.I was not satisfied with the results so i decided to tie on the mega stone then drop a possie below it.Within the next hour i had brought over a dozen cutties to hand,almost all of them on the mega stone.This was the first time i have ever had a fly out fish the possie bugger in any river fishing situation and proved the fly deserved a permanent spot in my nymph box.

Here she is

Hook:daiichi 1710 size 10
Bead:1/8 gold
Thread: 70d ultra thread,brown
Tail:brown goose biots
under body: .020 lead wire tied down each side of the hook shank (gives wider body appearance)
Body: Brassie amber ultra wire
Rib: Brassie gold ultra wire
Thorax: Pheasant tail ice dub
Hackle: partridge
Wings:white goose biots
Legs/antennae: barred crazy legs golden yellow/pearl flake