Sacramento CA work trip

I'll be in sacramento the first week in April 2013 wanting to know if its worth taking some gear with me
I should have 4 or 5 hours each evening and a company truck to get around. Any one have any ideas?
Post up on Kiene's, nice folk if you mind your P's & Q's. Bill Kiene has retired but keeps active on the forum. Tim Fox (Fox's Poobah) is now managing the store, a class act. Staff are great. There's a lot of fishing around, stop in the shop for the latest.
Plenty of opportunity, depends a lot on snowmelt; that could be beginning of run-off. That said, the Yuba, Feather rivers and various forks of the American can be very good that time of year,think tailwaters. The sierra streams may be a little early. Some LM Bass around then as well.
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Yes, bring some gear! We have spring steelhead that should be in the river at that time. Very hot fish, but range from 3-6lbs with some occasional bigger fish . Swing some soft hackles & sculpins. Floating line in the morning and evenings , but pack some tips as well. We will have Stripers showing up as well.

Alex MacDonald

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I still miss the East fork of the Carson, but it's snowed under right now. Of course that would require a trip down there, and CA's the last place I'd want to visit!

Robert, if you run into Bill, please tell him Ron Hayashi would say "hi". Last I heard, Ron and Cindy were in Eugene.