Hyrdro Dam proposed on S. Fork Skykomish

yes they were hatchery steelhead. The state trucks them up above the falls.

There are also a lot of wild/native fish in the river system above the falls that are not hatchery origin Are you saying you don't care about wild and native fish?
What impact does the proposed project have on native fish?


Hopefully they get started on this project soon. It would be nice to have a public access area around the falls and that portion of river.


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The falls project is low-hanging fruit. It's cheaper to do it now than it will be to do it in the future.

And yes you're right, you do have every right to comment, however it makes little sense since it will have absolutely zero impact on your life.
Yet you feel the need to keep commenting in this thread. Obviously you have your opinions and I have mine and I'm done having a circular argument on the issue.