Another reason to not shop Cabelas


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I normally like to shop the small shops but I had this gift certificate that I needed to use and went to Cabelas at Tulalip. Trying to find something to spend the gift certificate on I came accross an encap of rod and reel combos all set up with everthing needed to hit the water, normally $169 but had a sale pice sign on the top of the endcap for $59. I know from the past that the quality of the Cabelas line isn't so good but for the right price, what the heck, might make a good gift for one of the kidsSo I grabbed a box and headed to the cash register. To my suprise it rang up at $169. After a long discussion at the register, ended up going back to the guys in the fly shop and found out that the folks that set up the endcap the previous night put the wrong sign on the endcap. Being that it was well into the afternoon I was suprised that they hadn't noticed this big mistake. The best that they could do for me is to take the sign down and not even an appoligy for the mistake.They made me feel like I was the idiot and it had a little of the feeling of the old bait and switch. Well I guess it was my mistake to believe in the encap sale sign and maybe a bigger mistake to walk into the place at all. Won't be making that mistake again!


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In terms of in-store fly gear, they pretty much are a let down. Once in a blue moon there is a deal. Their online bargain cave is the only place to waste $ in my opinion. Local shops (for the not part) destroy Cabelas in terms of customer service.

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I've been in the Cabela's in Post Falls twice. I have yet to see any type of bargain there. Still haven't spent anything there.

I just usually go to the local shop for what I want in the way of line, leader, flies, and tippet. My last two fly rods came out of a small shop.

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I think one of their problems is that they're just too big to be organized.
I went down there (to Lacey) from Tacoma to see if they had a Redington CT in the size and weight I wanted. Nope. Had a chance to stop in again a couple of days later. Yep. Marked at around $160 or something like that. I knew from the forum here that they were going for under a hundred bucks I held off. Anyway, online price at Cabellas didn't match store price, blah blah blah. Settled on a rod for about a hundred bucks, got it to the register and guess what? $160. We had a talk about that, and it ended up being ok but..............what the customer sees SHOULD be what the customer pays. Or at least a decent explanation. For a retail giant, I'm surprised how often this happens there. At my local fly shop? No surprises, no problems, no apologies needed. Thats worth alot.

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I did buy something at the Lacey Store. I got it on sale and when the clerk found out I was from Montana I got away with out paying any taxes. Nice,huh.

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Cabellas banner ad popped up at the top of the page here;
hiker pants. So I clicked on it, since I LIKE hiker pants.
Takes me to the main page, so I have to do a search to find what I thought
THEY thought I wanted to look at. Ok.
Cotton? Really?
Back to REI.
Just sayin'.
My dad and uncles' are big cabelas fans. I haven't had much luck there. Since all my favorite mom and pop shops have went away, I have been liking Big R. A little big box storish, but have more than impressed me. Omak is where I do most of my non basic shopping, so finally having a fly shop there is convenient.