what kind of flies to walleye like ?

Do they behave more like bass in what they eat and how they behave( so you would approach them like bass with poppers, crawdads ect

or can you use standard lake trout flies for walleye like scuds ,damsels, wooley buggers,
does any one have any information on how to fly fish for walleyes ?

lots of other books on trout ect, but I cant find much for walleyes

any ideas would be appreciated


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From what I understand, 'eyes can be caught on large streamers, especially at night or early morning/late evening. I haven't caught one on a fly yet, but I am thinking of targeting some of the Seep Lakes for them this year. I'm going to tie up a bunch of large (size 4-8) leech and baitfish patterns and fish those during low light.


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Do they behave more like bass in what they eat and how they behave( so you would approach them like bass with poppers, crawdads ect
I've heard of people getting action on topwaters for walleye, anyone ever seen this?

As for behavior, walleye are a schooling fish that tend to feed at night or low light. They target smaller fish, crayfish, and leeches primarily. I think they tend to stay deep during the day and cruise the shoals at night.

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In ND we used wedding rings with live trout (rainbows). So a slightly flashy Minnow pattern, dark back and white belly?. Probably no need for trailing hooks, walleye tend to destroy their object of affection...i don't recall many short takes, but this was in the 80's...so details are fuzzy.
Ha, thanks for the challenge!

Here's a decent thread from another forum on walleye fishing. Sounds like location is more important than fly selection.

Good post JD. You are right about location. I've only fished for walleyes a couple of times with a friend on Moses Lake but before I went out I did some homework on them and found out through some vids is that they are structure huggers, rock piles, outcrops, shelves.


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Thanks, and that's some great input. It's not often this particular forum has discussions on walleye, so it's pretty cool to see the info flowing in.

Are there any particular leader materials that work better than others for catching 'eyes? Rocks and large teeth sort of point me towards heavier than normal line strength.
I usually pick up several a year by accident trout fishing, and even more when I'm going after smallies. At one point last spring during runoff the bows were hitting yellow streamers on the swing, and I incidentally noticed more attention from the wallys. Enlightened landed an eight pound walleye last year at banks lake while throwing top water on a floating line in two feet of water.