SBS Parachute Hopper SBS


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hook - Dai Riki 320 #12
thread - UTC 140 tan
body - dubbing hare's ear
rib - Uni-stretch brown
wing - landscape fabric
post - Congo Hair white
hackle - grizzly
legs - pheasant tail (knotted)

A not entirely organic version of the Schroeder Parachute Hopper - Congo Hair instead of calf body/tail post (less bulk at tie-in) and landscape fabric instead of turkey quill wing (more durable). A low floater and really effective in smaller sizes (#12-16); another change-of-pace fly for fish that see a lot of foam creations.

mash down barb and attach thread at 70% mark

take a clump of Congo Hair

put it underneath the hook and pull up

wrap around base to lock in

and up to create post

brush on a bit of Sally

prep hackle (upsize by 1) and tie in on post, shiny side out (fibers will "cup" up)

move thread towards bend, tie in ribbing, wrap back to point above hook bend

apply dubbing

wrap a tapered body up to post

spiral ribbing forward

round over end of wing (hook gap width)

apply a spot of Super Glue and tie in wing

knot some pheasant tail fibers (make 2; reverse the direction for the other leg so they splay away from each other)

tie in near

and far

trim butts and smooth head with thread wraps

apply a bit more dubbing and apply to head; finish with thread at base of post

start hackle at top of thread post

wrap hackle down post (8 wraps from this feather) and let it hang down

trap hackle with 2 thread wraps at base of post

half hitch x 2 at eye, SHHAN, trim post (hook shank length), trim legs, go fish