Lone is still FAC

The sun was out most of yesterday so I though I would go over to Lone in the later afternoon, check the water temp and try out a couple new patterns. I got some new materials at the FF Show and a couple of hair-brained ideas for some new bugs. Good news is I had the lake to myself, the bad news is it's still Freezing Ass Cold. Water temps were 40-42 deg. even down in the 10-12 foot range. With that info I wasn't expecting much in the way of aggressive fish but did manage to bring 4 to the net and LDR'd a couple. Got some love on one of the patterns so it's back to the vise and hope for warm weather.
I usually just lower my thermometer on a string or anchor rope. It's important when knowing water temps that surface temp isn't normally an important indicator. Taking a reading down where the fish live will help make better decisions on fly choice and presentation.
Islander - Can I ask how you take temps at 10 or 12 ft. I've never done this and can see how it would be a "GREAT THING"
I have an old temp gauge from my bass tournament days that has a 20' cord marked every foot and the temp probe on the end with a weight attached. It's not a digital but still pretty accurate.


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Yeah I was thinking my fishing buddy finder would NOT work very well after sinking to 12 feet to check temps :) sounds like a great Idea - was this thermo fishing specific! put down fast let it sit awhile then lift fast? I would think a digital would change to fast while lifting? do they sell these all ready set-up or did you just do some home rigging for your thermo? seems those tourny bass guys invent a lot of stuff for stillwaters. I already use the channel markers when I need them. I'm not to stubborn yet to learn from the bass pros - notice I wrote "YET" IT SEEMS THEY ARE THE MASTERS OF STILL WATERS AND ELECTRONICS!


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Was thinking of heading out to Lone, but will wait a bit and go chase sea run's on the beaches! Thanks for the report Steve!
Bill, If you want to come over, I'll shoot you a PM when things pick up.

Mark, I haven't been able to find anything like it in a digital and no one makes the old meter style anymore. The unit with the dial doesn't get submerged. Just the probe on the cord. I usually let it settle for a bit at the depth I want and then check the reading. Not as fancy as the new ones but gives me a good picture of bottom and mid range temps, which is usually where the fish are.