FS NIB Lamson Guru 1.5

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I have a couple of different Simms backpack/waist configs that are new - any interest in a trade? I'll take some photos is this appeals to you.


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Any interest in a part trade for a Simms fly vest size large? Thanks. Just trying to get a reel for my daughters rod.
Thanks, but no. I still have a brand new one in the closet that I have never used. Started using a waist pack years ago and find them much more to my liking.

Thomas Williams

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Ive got a NIB Guru 2 I would trade you. Brand spankin new, sitten on my tying desk. Need another 1.5 for my nymphing rod. Ive got no use for the 2. Thought maybe you can put it to use. Let me know.
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