A lot of people see to be fishing Merry Lake lately, according to their posts anyways. Is it possible that folks are confusing the east arm of Nunnally, also known as Bobby Lake, with Merry?
I noticed that also, The few times I got into merry I have never seen anybody alse there, In all the times I have went over to those lakes I have only seen 2 cars in the area to go to merry.



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Thank you for the correction. I have been into Merry from Lenice, but have been going into the east end of Nunnally, not realizing it wasn't Merry. In talking with an old timer yesterday, we agreed that it used to be called Bobby. Anyway, on Saturday, it was pretty hot and there must have been 20 tubers on that small body of water all enjoying what Callibaetis make fish do on a warm Saturday afternoon.

I appreciate this forum because of things like this that get straightened out. Now, if a fish would just straighten my hook!

Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

I had one that ate a Calabaetis nymph go into my backing twice last Saturday afternoon and finally pulled loose, probably because I was putting on too much pressure. Ended the day with around 15 fish,some on chironomids.I was on Nunally proper. Some of those triploids must be 7-8# now. Then a raging 50MPH windstorm hit Saturday night and chased me home.It was rocking my motorhome so bad I couldn't sleep.

What most don't realize is that Calabaetis Nymphs are more effective than trying to throw duns at spooky fish in 2-4' of water during the early stages of the hatch.I waz hammering them in 10-12' of water while the dun throwers were hooking a fish once an hour or so. Gotta have the right nymph though and it's not a hares ear or a pheasant tail. Later on when the spinners hit the water it's tough to get them to take nymphs, but you still get some when they're keyed in on spinners later in the afternoon.

Going back tomorrow. Eat your hearts out weekend warriors.
I was out on Merry on Sunday and the winds starting howling right about the time the calabaetis hatch started. There were a lot of people who left immediately not wanting to fight the 50 mph winds but being the only day I could fish I was determined to give it a try and the fishing was amazing. I found a little spot behind some reeds where there wasn't white caps and it was one fish after another on a size 14 dry.

I caught 1 brown but has anyone caught or seen a Tiger Trout yet?

Also, regarding the naming of the lakes there is a small lake between Merry and Lenice that we always called Bobby. It is not an extension of Merry unless you call the 300 yards of overgrown creek between the two lakes part of Merry. The lake is mostly filled in because the creek changed paths a few years back and filled part of the lake with silt but if you want solitude it is now about a 2 person lake and probably nobody will be there. Before it got filled in it was the only one in the chain I fished. It is a further walk than any of the others and watch out for snakes there are a ton of them along that lake. Before the creek became overgrown with nasty Olive trees it was fun to fish too. Catching those monsters in a creek 10'wide was a blast and you thought they could be spooky at Rocky Ford.
good luck and i'd love to hear about some Tiger Trout.

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Glad you had a nice trip to Nunnally. It was good to see you again.
It was tough fishin, at least for me. Picked up a few throughout the day on Saturday. Best was on a dry late, 24". We didn't have quite the wind that you did, but it was there.

Wish I had your time to cruise around and check alll the spots out. You earned it, I haven't paid my dues yet.

Hope to see you again.

Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

Hey Microbrew, waz great running into you again too at the not so secret, secret lake. The wind was down at Nunnally on Saturday, so I hammered them good, mostly on black #14,#16 dynafloss chironomids,no rib.Still nursing my Mosquitoe Bites from Secret Lake, I'm alergic to em.

Went back to Nunnally for more after getting winded out Sat. night and did an even better repeat on same stuff Tuesday. Then Wed. the fish turned to Calabaetis duns & cripples and were off Chironomids. Guys that fished Quigley cripple duns did good, but I got only 6-8 on my Mayfly Nymphs.
No sign of Browns all three days and spoke with many about Tigers and no one has seen a one out of Nunnally.

Hope I run into you at Secret or somewhere this fall again. Soon I start fishing Canada and Montana until fall. Good luck to ya man.