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Alway equate this fly to big ol' brown trout, although I've never caught one on this fly (a function of my incompetence); in yellow, this has been a killer crappie fly. A few mods here due to lack of materials (2800 miles from home and not a decent shop within 100 miles so I had to make due); had to sub dark pink ostrich for the red marabou tail and twisted KF for mylar braid body. Change colors to suit your needs.

hook - Mustad 79580 #6
thread - UTC 140 tan
tail - ostrich dark pink
body - Krystal Flash rope silver
wing - deer hair tips
topping - peacock herl
head - deer hair clipped
cone - black nickel

Mash barb and slide cone on hook

add a few wraps of lead-free wire

and slide into cone, jamming it against hook eye; start thread at 60% mark

tie in tailing fibers

tie in body material

twist KF strands together to create rope

wrap forward to 60% mark and tie off

tie in 2 marabou feathers, let tips extend to tail

trim butts and tie in some peacock herl; trim butts

clean, stack and measure (to hook bend) a clump of deer hair, hold clump on top, 2 soft loops and pull tight; don't let it spin, the hair should just flair

repeat procedure on underside

wrap tips with some non-tox wire

pack the butt ends, clean another clump of deer hair and trim off tips

spin hair,tie off, SHHAN

start initial trim with razor blade

shape head

unwind lead free and complete shaping

trim out bottom hair fibers and you're done



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Hi Scott,
I really like your technique for tying down the tips that will form the collar. That would make the trimming easier.