WTF??? This is completely unsat!

Yep, been stuck at work myself. Though I did get a bit of good news in that I have tomorrow off, so I'm heading up to Pass in the AM I believe. Would love to join the guys back east... I'll just have to make do.


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I would think they're staying out over the weekend... maybe by tomorrow night! Met a guy at the shop today who is heading up to Pass tomorrow.. will be curious to hear how that is fishing! Supposed to be nasty weather tomorrow too...

Jeff Dodd

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I am looking forward to some March 1 reports also!

I fished Pass today and it was spoty. I landed four fish and lost four others. A yellow and brown streamer had the most action for me, DEEP6.

A couple guys had a great day near the launch fishing indicators in the shallows while our club ate lunch and enjoyed the clinic! haha

Bob Rankin

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Well Nick. here is one for ya. I drove to Lenice friday morning got there at 6;00am and fished till about 2:00pm. I was the first on the lake. Got lots of hits, stung about 20+ fish but landed about a quarter of them. There average size, 14 to 20inch. there were alot of dudes there. The guys fishing chiros looked to be doing well. I was trolling big stuff 2 to 3 inch flys on sinking line. All in all had a great time! When I got back to the parking lot I counted 35 rigs. Not sure how today was but tommarow, hold fast boys she's going to blow!!!!!!!


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The Basin trout mafia does not share info with outsiders. We value our planted trout. Fishing was fast and a bit windy on Friday. I heard a bit slower on Saturday with almost no wind. Today features wind and Ira is looking for a spot out of the wind. We should hear tomorrow how he did.

Have not heard the results of the Burke Lake derby yet. It should be in Wednesday's paper (but only for Basin trout mafia members and those who subscribe to the Columbia Herald).

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Some of us choose not to be "connected" 24/7. If you call, I'll give you a report but I sure am not interested in texting, emailing - if possible, I am there to fish, visit with friends and, just perhaps, have a nip or two.... three or four. Then go to bed and start over.

I have to live vicariously through many of your fishing reports, which I do enjoy, that are a bit closer to home.

When I get back, I post so you can see what, if anything, you missed.

It will only get better in the basin and I got some new spots to explore.

Head east, young man....