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hook - Dai Riki 320 #12
thread/body - Danville Flat-wax yellow
shuck - Congo Hair brown
back- 2mm foam tan
wing - Congo Hair white
hackle - brown
band - UTC 140 red
legs - rubber medium cornsnake

Saw this in the latest American Angler - trailing shuck like an emerger, body like an attractor and wing like a cripple; quite a combination.

mash barb and attach thread at 60% mark

tie in shuck and wrap back to point above barb

trim shuck to length (about 2/3 shank)

taper tip of foam strip (hook gap width)

brush on a little Super Glue and tie in

cover foam with thread wraps/create body

pull foam forward, tie down and trim

tie off thread and replace with 8/0 brown Uni; tie in wing clump

prep hackle feather, tie in; wrap hackle forward, tie off and trim

trim wing back and front

last thread change, promise; start band

tie in legs

whip finish, trim thread (don't leave a big bump/tag like I did) and SHHAN on the band; trim legs and it's done

fish view