FS Cabelas Outfitters tent w wood stove & asstd camping gear - $400

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Jerry Daschofsky

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THANK GOD THIS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the cash, but really needed to put the money into buying shocks for my truck (will cost around $500) and a few other misc buys I need to do before something like this. BUt damned, such a good price I just kept looking at the reply and conversation button. So thanks for buying it, because everyday it was on there, the more likely I was to buy it. :)


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Yeah, I was watching this also and figured someone that had never been on the site would get the buy and that's exactly what happened - this needs to stop, having some kind of 25 post's rule or something to be able to buy or sell on this site. I see these awesome deals get snatched up by the internet trollers all the time probably reselling the next day for big bucks making a living off it!

Just my thoughts on the subject.


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In most cases I agree with Mark, and that's what is nice about TGR - the mags look out for the mags on the hookups. In this case though candr wasn't posting an exclusive to WFF hookup as it was on Craigslist as well so it's no big thang that a one and doner got it.
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