FS Peak Vice

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Up for grabs is my extra Peak Vice, in good/great used condition. Comes with the the large white base, allen wrench for the hex screw, and original box. The bobbin holder is missing a chunk from where it attaches to the post however it still holds the bobbin OK.

Asking $115 + $10 shipping. Pics upon request.
$100 shipped and I'll buy it... I have a DK Barracuda for the house, but would like a vise to keep at the coastal shack to tie quick tarpon flies..
Was thinking the same, Josh. All the "Which rotary to buy for under xxx$?" threads that pop up on here, well here's a great answer!

If I didn't have a Trekker on the way as my second, smaller vise I would be all over this
You have no idea how bad I want this, if I could afford it right now, I would have bought it 2 months ago! If you have it in another 2 months I might just make it mine.
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