Moorea, Tahiti fly fishing

Nathan B

Love em and Leave em
I'm returning back to Tahiti on May 5th, for a couple of nights in Papeete and then off to Moorea for a week. I was there last year but I didn't bring my rod. This year I plan on tossing a fly as often as I'm tossing back a Hinano. Does anyone have any experience with fly fishing this awesome place? *UPDATE* (I found that Emerald Water Anglers offers trips to Tahiti so I'll give them a ring tomorrow) I.E, inside the reef, outside the reef, line/rod wt and fly choices? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Joe Streamer
My wife and I were on Moorea and Bora Bora for nearly two weeks 9 years ago. I brought a 9wt outfit and a few boxes of various flies. Fishing was limited, though I caught a variety of species. Every time I see a post from Mingo with all the weird and random species he and his crew catch, it reminds me of my own trip. Still, don't expect a lot. The ecosystem is naturally pretty sterile, and on top of that, the locals pretty much rape the fisheries.

On Moorea, fishing was super limited from our resort, but I did catch a bunch of little reef fish. There were a few very large giant trevally I saw a few times in one area, but they spooked every time I approached or cast. On Bora Bora, we were on a resort on one of the outlying "motu" ring islands and fishing opportunities were quite a bit better. I fished every morning before my wife woke up, and again, caught only a variety of smaller reef fish including little groupers, a big needlefish, flatfish, and I can't remember what else.

One day while at Bora Bora I hired a "fishing guide", arranged at random through the resort. Guy pulls up in a long yellow cigarette boat. Seriously. But he knew where the fish were. Despite the language barrier, we agreed that fishing for trevally might be a good bet. First we fished a couple reefs around Bora Bora and caught nothing. Then he took me 10 or 15 miles across open ocean to an uninhabited island, scaring up flying fish along the way, which was totally cool to see. We sputtered around one spot and I caught a few decent blue trevally and blue runners. The biggest trevally was caught when I saw a little black tip shark hurrying across the reef face. I cast to it, and the trevally that was chasing him (unbeknownst to me) hit my fly. So that was worth it, not just to catch a few fish, but to just fish off this remote Pacific island with no one around.

The next day, my wife and I did a goofy excursion where you pet stingrays and swim with black tip reef sharks (maybe your photo was from a similar excursion?). That was sort of cool. Once that was done we headed back to the dock at the resort. I got off the boat and looked into the water and saw a pair of huge bonefish swim under the dock right next to the shore. They were probably 12-15 pounds. Just huge, and right under me with nary a fly rod in sight. Naturally, I tried to find those fish the rest of the time we were there, but never saw them again.

Have fun!

Nathan B

Love em and Leave em
Thanks for all the info Lugan! We've changed our plans and have extended our stay over there. After 5 nights on Moorea we are heading over to Tikehau (next to Rangiroa) and will be staying there for 7 nights. From what I read and hear this place has the highest fish population of all of French Polynesia validated by Jacques Cousteau :) While most say Rangiroa is THE place to fish for bones/permits in FP, I'm having trouble finding someone who will pick me up from Tikehau and take me over there by boat (8km trip one way) so I'll be stalking the flats on my own. The Pearl provides kayaks for free, so I'll do some scouting. Because the atoll is so remote I'm thinking of bringing a bunch of fishing gear (hooks, leaders, fly’s, lures etc..) to trade for some services with the locals.

I'm at a crossroad in my gear selection for the trip. Do I just use my Lamson 3.5 lightspeed and spool it up with the bone line, or do I buy the Abel Super 7/8N in bonefish graphic and use the Lamson as a backup. Do I buy the Sage ONE 8wt/ Xi3 or do I just go with the Winston Bii2MX? These are questions I have asked my-self over and over and sadly, after hours of research I am no better off than when I started this whole process. 1st world problems right?

Going back to the Moorea excursion you talked about, we did the same one. Strangely enough my GF wasn't interested in getting in the water, not because of the sharks but because of the stingrays. She said she didn’t like how friendly and up in your business they were:)

I'll share some pictures and a report when I return.

Take care.


Just Keep Fishing
I was in Moorea about 14 years ago and loved it. didn't fish there and still planning ona return trip soon