How was the weakend?

Bob Rankin

Chasing fur and fish every second I get :)
Ira nice report.Glad to see someone was fishing. I hit a local stocker lake today,with some luck indicator fishing.But Just when I think I have it dial'd in the fish turn on me. I could see what depth they were at but just couldn't figure out what they were eating. Try and try again I guess.

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
I fished a B lake off Dodson road and I can tell you that it is likely that every living thing with the exception of one floating blood worm is dead in that lake, zip zilch zero nada nothing. No signs of life, and others on the lake experienced the same. I gave it two hours before moving on to Quincy. Ahhh, the power of the internet! Two, or was it three years ago I fished Quincy with troutpocket and there was not another fly fisherman on the lake, last year a few more showed up and then Kapoom! That lake on the opener was loaded with fly guys and this last weekend was no different. Dang fly guys always know the better places to anchor, but to be honest I still nailed fish and it is nice to see fly guys on a lake like that because I know it is great for the sport to show the bait and gear crowd how effective fly fishing can be. At one point pocket and I sat in an area and probably boated 20 fish or so with 4 bait guys near by together landing only one. Those people will look into the idea of fly fishing after that showing. In the end we put about 50 fish in the boat with the largest around 19" but most were about 12", the fish that were put in as catchables in october (good growth rate). I'd like to say that chironomids/indicator fishing worked best but I think I might have been about even with my Aqualux and a maroon leech as I was with the indicator.

The next day we headed into Lenice and with some adjustment I managed to make my new dolly work great on my Stillwater Hopper II. We brought in my electric trolling motor and my depth finder and we trolled the lake looking for channels and shoals. We managed to find a nice nondescript channel on the west end and we anchored up on first the west end, then the south side and finally the northwestern side of it and although we found fish all along in there the edge of the northwestern side produced the best. I think that the shoal that extends up from that side is larger than on the south side. We did pick up four fish trolling and one casting and stripping leeches, but all our other fish wiggled indicators. I think we ended up with somewhere around 40 to the boat for the day. The most productive fly was a black and red. The fish fought hard, but to be honest with you the smaller 10-14" fish fought better than the upper age class 17-18" fish with only one exception. I'd say that about 2/3 of the fish were on the smaller side and only one of the fish landed taped out at an honest 20" No tigers or browns only rainbows.
You think those fly fishers are honing their scouting abilities???

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew

I was just talking to a buddy yesterday about that B lake. I found the same thing a couple of years ago, fished hard for a bit with nada. Too bad, I remember one banner year where is pulled (2) 26" fish out of that place. Also had stellar days.

Thanks for the report.


Bob Rankin

Chasing fur and fish every second I get :)
Stillwater fishing is so adicting! I cant stop thinking about it,the things I did right,the things I did wrong,how do I solve this problem? I've tye'd 8 dozen fly's in the last 2 weeks. I think im going crazy! Do I take the pram or the tube ,do I indicator fish or fish an intermediate line? I close my eyes at night and see bobers going under. My family thinks iv'e lost my mind,bless there heart's they put up with me. I love this time of year, it ranks right up there with opening of upland season. My wife knows that when those time's of the year come around if I can't catch it or shoot it i've got no use for it!