Who is excited for Pinks?!?!


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Haters can hate, maybe its too early to post, but was sifting through some video clips of years past and couldn't help but think of short sleeve and shorts days with plenty of sunshine and ice cold adult beverages. August can't come soon enough! I am so looking forward to Lings, Kings, Cohos, but those Pinks are a blast on the fly!


Gregg Lundgren

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OK Yellowlab, I'll bite. I'm excited! Recently picked-up a Redington Torrent 7wt with a fighting butt primarily for the upcoming pink fest. Can't wait for those days where you can bring in one fish right after the other. All while enjoying some warm summer weather! Can't get here soon enough.
Humpies, the other white meat. While they are not the tastiest of salmon they are fun on light fly gear and more than make up for their size with abundance keeping the saltwater angler content during the warm pleasant evenings here in western Washington. As much as I hate to admit it I look forward to fly fishing for pinks this summer. Here is to the hope that there will be a crazy stupid amount of pinks in the sound this year.
I've been thinking about pinks, and am not ashamed to say so! Sooo looking forward to sunshine and catching salmon in the salt. My catching numbers have been extremely low this winter, so I'm actually looking forward to catching something. Always nice to fill the smoker up too :)


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I don't mind catching pink salmon as long as they don't interfere with my fly when the silvers are close to the beach. There were some hard fighting, leaping pinks in 2011. I will be scouting some lesser known beaches in 2013 to get away from the crowds though.

Chris Bellows

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I keep reading about this warm summer weather... maybe i should fish somewhere besides the Strait. :)

I am not looking forward to catching lots of fish while only having to drive five minutes to the boat ramp. I am not looking forward to being pissed that I cannot keep pinks off the line while chasing coho at Neah Bay this summer.
I've never tried for them on the fly rod. I caught a few on the lower stilly in '09 using dick night spoons. I do remember that although they're usually easy to catch you still have to put in some time.
I love pink season, this will be the second pink run I've missed after my move to Idaho. Who knows, maybe I'll find myself up there on a visit during the season.
If you think back, over the last five runs, the fish have gotten bigger each time. Hopefully this run will continue to produce big fish. I love the month of August. I fish almost every day of the month and then the silvers come in right behind. I can barely wait.