FS FS-Umpqua Tarpon Leaders

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For sale a couple of 3 pack Umpqua Tarpon Leaders. 16lb IFGA class 60lb shock. Price tag says $39.99 each. How does $40 shipped sound for both of them. PayPal OK.
How old are they? What length? Flouro bite tippet?

I tie my own tarpon leaders, but I'll make an offer if they're just collecting dust..

Most tarpon guys are quirky about tying their own leaders, so they can blame themselves when a huge tarpon parts the leader..

They are 5 years old. I bought them for Tarpon fishing trip that fell thru. They have the 60lb flourocarbon shock tipper. They are 3 feet long. I have looked at numerous online shops and they retail from $36 to $44. I figured half price was a good deal. If they don't sell I will give them a go for chinook, which will be here in a couple of weeks. :)
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