Advice on Oregon trip in November


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I'll be in Portland for a meeting during the first week of November. I have a few days to spare and want to fish some famous Oregon waters. I was thinking of spending a day on each of the Sandy, Deschutes, and North Umpqua before heading back to California. Are these good choices that time of year, or should I consider other rivers (e.g. the Rogue, John Day, Owyhee)? I rarely get to fish as much as I want, so wetting a line in some of these rivers is a top priority while I have time away. I should mentiont hat I plan to bring both my spey and SH rod, so I shouldn't be limited by river type. Thanks in advance for the advice.


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Well if you are driving back to CA there are some pretty sweet rivers on I-5 and 101 the D is cool and has lots of trout to avoid skunk days. Oregon is a cool state, just a lot of tweakers (sadly)
I have a bias toward the deschutes but if it I was going south I would find costal rivers to fish in OR. I think fall is a great time to fish anywhere in the NW.
If you go to the Deschutes, you may want to cross over the Columbia and check out the Klickitat. Beautiful and maybe an hour's drive.
Mckenzie, Eugene, and the Rogue, Grants Pass/Medford, might also be options.


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You didn't mention whether you were driving up or flying. I assume flying but if you are driving you go right by the Rogue and North Umpqua. If you fly in and rent a car then the Sandy is very close by, the Deschutes a little further and at that time of year with the short days the Owyhee and John Day are essentially a days drive.

For my money the Deschutes is a no-brainer. Miles of uncrowded river in November, a few steelhead still hanging around and good trout fishing. It is a river where a 14-15'' fish can take you into your backing. Drive out to the Dalles, go south to Maupin and maybe finding some overnight lodging. Get in touch with a fly shop at Maupin ahead of time and find out what to do and where. Plenty of room for spey casting or you can nymph right against the bank with a single hander.

I have fished all the rivers you mention but the Deschutes is the only one I truly miss. The fish, the scenery, the solitude in the off season-all great!



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#6're right...I should have mentioned it. I will be driving the whole time, so I can go anywhere on my own time frame.