need crappie advice....please ;)


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Thats "craw-pee" not crappy :p

What flies have you had the best luck with??

Father in law is wanting to bring some home for the skillet and wants me to show him how to do it with a fly?? I remember using bright jigs as a I figured some smaller style bugger in bright colors??

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Its been a LONG time, but I seem to remember small white, and small yellow marabous or buggers, worth a shot anyways.
The old green and red sparkle leech with black maribou tail attracts sun fish and perch when I am out chasing Mr Bass. Maybe tie a smaller version on a light wire hook and fish on a floating line. The other day at Beaver Lake I got a bass, perch, trout, and sunfish to take it!

Anybody know any good crappie holes on the wet side of the mountains?

Just last June I stopped at Leader lake on my way back home from camping and saw that I might have some luck from the bank. So I geared up and began fishing with my last small damsel nymph, I caught 1 small mouth & close to a dozen crappies & blue gills. They wouldn't stop taking until the fly was all ratted out and I had to call it a day. That was my first expierience with crappies. I'm not sure how big they can get around here, but these were all between 6 and 8 inches.

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Sorry, Patrick - couldn't resist - and down south I used to hear it both ways.

My theory was the guys who said "crap-pee" were the same guys who went to their family reunions to meet girls...


(My apolgies in advance to southerners, perhaps the last group of Americans who don't take ourselves too seriously).
I used get a lot of crappie in e Wa on a green wooly worm, #6, a bit of lead. The real key was to use a strike indicator, most of the time the indicator will just barely quiver. Huge crappie in the Columbia........

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Well if you want to hear about crappy fishing you came to the right place. All my fishing lately is crappy and getting crappier as this dry weather keeps getting drier.

But the end of the crappy weather might be getting better as it has been pouring outside in buckets for the last 15 minutes.

Jim...... One crappy fly fisherman:bawling
I've gotten into some quite large (for this area) crappie on whatever I was using at Ohop Lake, and the smaller Fort Lewis lakes. It seems that I've caught most of them in the cool/cold weather months. The key it seems isn't what fly, but the size of that fly. They have large soft mouths, so you can miss the hookup due to flies that are too small or setting the hook to hard.

Often the takes feel like you pulled your fly thru a piece of grass..........
Hey Pat,

I've been picking up 8-10" Crappie fairly consistently on Liberty Lake. They don't seem to be too specific about the fly. A BH WB usually does the trick for me. Have fun catching 'em cause you'll definitely have fun cleaning them! :+
Small (like 12 or 14)woolly bugger with a slow hand twist retrieve always works for me.


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To spokanefisherman:
Have you been fishing to the east of the public launch? Is this a place I could get to in a float tube, I love to fish for crappie and have never fished for them at Liberty Lake. If it's not your secret spot would you be willing to share a little information???