Missing puffy jacket!

Chad Lewis

NEVER wonder what to do with your free time
If I was a costume designer for a Grade C sci-fi movie, I'd totally buy a bunch of puffys and put colored reflective tape on them. Instant space suit!
I misread your thread title. On first glance I thought it said, "Miss Puffy Jacket!" I wondered who the heck that was and where you were going with it. :)

Glad to hear you found your jacket.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
GAT, according to another thread you should buy a puffy to be warm and comfortable while pursuing diverse fish species with a fly rod. As an added benefit you'll look hip and trendy, although they do tend to add a few pounds to the camera.

I vote against hermit. That lifestyle seems to offer less fishing than I'd like.
Found it! It was hanging in the break room at work. Glad to have the ugly thing back.
I think you just started this thread to get a rise out of everybody. And we all rose to the fly.