Z-Axis 7136 thoughts?

I'm eyeing one in a trade and would like thoughts/opinions for those that have owned and owned one. What lines have you found best, castability, etc.


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7136 is a spey rod.
He's correct.

Also, I have been fishing this stick almost exclusively for the last 6 steelhead seasons. I like Rio's AFS 7/8, Skagit Flight 550gr, and most of all Nextcast's Fall Favorite 7/8 (570 ish gr.). The FF is a bomber line for the 7136; I really want to throw the FF 75 with it.

*I have also thrown Airflow's Compact Scandi, Rio's Powerspey, Rio's Compact Skagit 525gr. All of these lines were less fun to me than the above mentioned lines.
Troutbum, what these gentleman are trying to say is that rod would be a great rod on the Rogue for winter/summer steelhead. It's versatile enough to throw many kinds of line well and is considered as much of a spey rod as any other two handed rod on the market. I haven't cast one myself, but understand it to be the cats meow of the Z-axis line of rods; which are sweet all around to begin with.
What was I thinking? I knew it was a spey, geesh. I appreciate all the advice and words of wisdom. Now I wait for the gentleman to contact me back.
Personally I prefer the 420 compact Scandi, 480 compact Skagit and the 6/7 delta. The 480 compact Skagit is a workhorse on this rod I'm almost embarrassed to say how much t whatever this line will turn over...but 16' of t-14 is not out of the question. I absolutely love this rod; it will go down as a classic/legendary status type rod. Sage should consider doing a limited release on this rod in this weight at least every few years....that and the 7110.



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My experience is Similar to J Waggoner and I agree this rod will be fished and talked about for years. One of the widest grain window rods I have cast, which makes it extremely versitile. I use everything from a WindCutter 6/7/8 (500 grain head) to a 600 Compact Skagit and 15ft of T14 with a mop of a fly. It handles it all. One of the few rods (that I have owned and cast) that you can really accelerate and not have it collapse on you. Very smooth, effortless casting!