Signed up for a fly tying class

I'm signed up for a beginning fly tying class next week at Creekside Angler's in Issaquah and am looking forward to it. Has anyone attended their class before and how did you like it?

Big E

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Kewl beans. Hope you enjoy it. Also, I suggest you hook up with someone on the "Mentors" thread at the top of this forum.

Derek Young

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Nothing like tying your own fly and fooling a smart fish with it. Creekside is a great shop with lots of materials and knowledge - enjoy it!
I'm sure I'll have alot of fun. Hey BigE, you wouldn't have been a San Diego Marine? Only people I know that use that term "cool beans" end up being former west coast Marines. Semper Fi
Just a quick update on this class. I've had two evenings of it and have been really enjoying myself. I'm scared I'm really gonna get into this fly tying stuff, lol! Monday we tied a wooly bugger and an elk hair caddis. Tonight we tied a pheasant hair nymph and a gold rib hares ear nymph. I've got one more class on Friday.
Tonight was the last night of the class. We tied a sparkle dunn and a chernobyl ant. I really enjoyed the class and I am excited about my new found hobby. Now I have been unleashed upon the world to go forth and tie! Fish Beware.