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Was never, ever a big fan of the original Chernobyl; even using heavy nymph hooks, they'd land on their backs as often as not (could be 'cause I'm a mediocre caster; dunno). Anyway, these are a lot more fun to tie and as long as I keep the wing trimmed fairly short (lots of folks tie them with real long wings, which haven't worked very well for me) they land the way I intended them to. Tying this one as a golden stone, change colors as you see fit.

hook - Mustad 9671 #6
thread - UTC 140 tan
tail - Krystal Flash rootbeer
body - Ice Dubbing golden brown
back - 2mm foam tan
legs - Sexi floss gold
wing - Congo Hair white

mash barb; start thread 1 hook eye width back from eye

tie in some Krystal Flash, fold back and continue to point above hook barb; trim a little longer than hook gap

apply some dubbing and make a lump up to the hook point (I've also seen folks dub the body then come back and add the foam; I had some problems with the foam slipping when doing that)

trim foam strip (hook gap width) to a point

lay foam on the hook; let it extend back about half the distance of the KF; tie in

tie in a hank of Congo Hair (I like it pretty dense)

pull wing back and add a few more thread wraps

add legs

a bit more dubbing at wing/leg tie-in

pull foam back and dub a thick body up to initial tie-in point

tie down foam

and repeat winging/legging steps

dub between legs and a bit in front of foam; half hitch x 2, trim, SHHAN

trim head

trim wings and you're done