Ringer's to Red's Sunday the 24th

I live in Yakima and might be interested. Was thinking about going today but my buddy bailed on me.
It will be cold but winds should be calm.
Tough day even for the guides. Tried everything in flies and depth. two fish on with streamers and very few strikes on anything else. Talking to the guides they didnt have much better luck either. Catch count on two of the guide boats matched ours. Water was cold. The fields around the river from Cle Elum to Ellensburg had some snow pack and I think it was melting quick with the sun out cauisng the river to stay well down on temps. Hope the weather in the pass stys cold as it warms up in Ellensburg this week.


Best day I've ever had on that river. Fish were eating the big bugs to the point of having to cut a couple flies off. Numbers and size aren't usually 2 words I use in the same sentence when talking about the Yak. If I had someone in the boat who could actually cast, the fishing could have been even more betterer ;) Had to be off the water at 3pm and heading home for another obligation or I might still be there.