This Month's 4th Corner Fly Fishers Meeting

Rick Todd

Active Member
Below is the information on our meeting this month.
This month's general meeting of the 4th Corner Fly Fishers will be held at the Bellingham Golf and Country Club on March 28, 2013. The Wet Fly will begin at 6pm with dinner at 6:45pm. The program will begin at 7:30pm and will be followed by the general membership meeting.
This month’s program features the first (to my knowledge) ‘4CFF Movie Night.’ We will be viewing a new documentary called Low and Clear. The film’s website gives the following description:
During a winter flyfishing trip to Canada, two old friends, J.T. Van Zandt and Alex "Xenie" Hall, learn they've have grown apart in more ways than one. J.T., the thoughtful even-keeled son of a songwriting legend believes there's more to fishing than catching fish. Short-tempered Xenie, a "firewood salesman," sees it differently and fishes like it's a race against the clock. Their different approaches to fishing and life emerge and clash on the snowy river banks and damp hotel rooms of British Columbia in this true story of a friendship stretched to the breaking point. An exploration of life in the disappearing wilderness of the West, Low & Clear unfolds with moments of humor and pathos, success and failure, as J.T. and Xenie find themselves on a fishing trip that could be their last.
If you want a bit of a preview, you can view a trailer of the movie at website also has biographies of the filmmakers and a list of the many awards the film has won since it’s release.This promises to be a great show and I hope you all can make it.Also, in the event that you aren’t able to attend, the movie will be placed in the 4CFF library for you to check out and view at home. [Note: The movie is not rated, but does contain a some well-placed profanity –if you don’t like cursing about getting your fly caught in a tree, you might want to approach the film with caution]
If you are planning to attend, you can reply to this link. Rick