Anchor and Scotty Rod Holder Mounts on a Jon Boat


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HI all,

I've been a longtime forum lurker and appreciate all the information I have been able to learn from the members on this site. I am hoping you can all help me out once again. I have purchased an Alumacraft 1236 jon and am in the process of getting it ready for the still water season. I would appreciate very much some photos of different front anchor set ups and scotty rod holder mounts that people have done to their jons. Thanks a ton.


Jeff Dodd

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Here is a photo of my pram. This is a home-made bow mount pulley with cam locks mounted behind a pulley wheel.

It serves the same purpose as the black scotty anchor pulley. If I had an aluminum Jon boat I would mount a Scotty anchor pulley right on the center of the bow. The anchor will likely bang when you pull hard on the oars. An anchor that is covered in rubber might reduce the risk of damage to the bow.

I have a second anchor on the stern. It is a L shaped piece of plywood that fits into a stern handle. This also has a wheel for the rode to ride and a camlok. Consider a Thomas pocket-puller for the stern. Mounting it off one corner. They fit in the Fish-on brand rod holder socket made by tempress.