They opened the lower river.....


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Fish were caught, small but feisty and wild......

....more than one....

Occupy Skagit's field office....handling rejection well....wildcatters telling WW sorry but, no support


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Wildcat is probably part of the reason the c and r season is closed. Way back when they pretty much said if u can't have a catch and kill season why have a season? The wdfw said well ok, here you go.
At one time many years ago the wildcatters did have some political clout. Not so much today. Their last big political play that I remember was about 15 years or more ago when they sponsored a bill in the WA state house of reps to ban wading in the Skagit River. Didn't pass. Note I said a bill in the house of reps, not a WDFW regulation. I may not remember all the details of this but I think I am close.

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Jerry's father died while fly fishing in N. California, and he witnessed it. I would imagine that much of that personal pain is well-expressed in the many lyrics that are so reflective of a life (and death) on the river.