Yamsi Ranch


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My brother and I are considering a trip to YR. Anyone on the forum stayed/fished there? When did you go and how did you like it (fishing and accommodations)? We're considering the early fall for caddis/sedge.
I took a class on fishing the Williamson from the Yamsi ranch owner at the Albany show a couple weeks back. He's an authentic rancher, and a really nice guy who totally knows the river and how to fish it. I also have friends who have stayed and fished both the river and still waters on multiple occasions. I would suggest that you sit back, relax, pull a cork or pop a cold one and enjoy your trip...!!

We fished the upper Williamson several years ago in the spring, but not the ranch. We stayed in teepees. We were there for the black drake hatch which is an incredible event. The black drake is a very large, very beautiful mayfly that draws big bows to gorge themselves from miles away. The number of flies is incredible--we had them hanging from our ears, glasses, hat bills, nose, you name it. Unfortunately, the mosquito hatch was also incredible. The bite was in the evening and lasted about 1 - 1 1/2 hour the black drake bite that is; the skeeters never let up). You either had the right size of the exact fly, or you were out. And, while we tried like hell the rest of the day, nothing was happening--the trout are too keyed to the drakes. Beautiful country. Enjoy the trip.


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I used to live in Oregon and my employer at the time took a group of us fishing every year at Yamsi. It is a great place. The fishing can be phenomenal. When the black drake hatch is on you can watch the trout school up and "patrol" stretches of the river hammering the flies.

John Hyde is a great guy who knows every square inch of the river through his property. John will enthusiastically share his knowldege of the river. Gerta (johns mother) does the cooking and is also quite a character.

The fishing can be challenging, but there are lots of fish rainbows, browns and brookies.


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.... as for your questions... I made 4 trips to Yamis Ranch, always in the spring. The fishing was always good... but challenging. I stayed in the cabin each time and found it very comfortable. The ranch is off the grid, Gerta turns the generator off at 10:00! Breakfast and Dinner were served in the main house. The food was hearty ranch style, with a packed lunch to take with you and homemade pie in the evening. John, Gerta and other family members ate with us and were exelent company with many entertaining stories of their life on the ranch.

I think the hoppers are also an option in the fall.


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New to forum here. I live in Central Oregon and have fished the lake (Hyde Lake) on the Yamsi property a half dozen times. THe fish are footballs and lots of fun. Most run 16-22". A 30 fish day is not uncommon. Have fun!
Two thumbs up, way up.

The ranch is a special place located right at the headwaters of the Williamson River. There is a tiny National Forest campground a few hundred yards off the ranch when the river actually first comes out of the ground, but from there the upper river flows through Hyde ranch. This gives you access to a 100% unfooled around with river to fish. As said above, you might have to work a bit for your fish at times, and you are not guaranteed 100+ fish days with most over 20" as with some pay to play operations, but I'll bet you don't forget your time there. Chasing wild fish in a pristine spring-fed river is a good thing.

Spending time with John and Gerda will restore your faith in your fellow man. They are great people in a very country kind of way. No pretense, no BS, no bling, no sucking up, just good decent and honest folks that are taking very good care of a special patch of dirt on this planet.

Enjoy your trip and let us know how it went!