SBS Swisher's Foam PMX SBS


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Manwich on a hook; with that much foam it's gotta be a winner (at the very least an indicator for anything up to a downrigger ball). Golden stone colors here; adjust to suit your needs. Again, a dearth of info on the pattern, just some interweb pics; my apologies to Mr. Swisher if I got it wrong.

hook - Mustad 9671 #6
thread - UTC 140 tan
body - 2mm foam (3 layer sandwich)
underwing - Krystal Flash pearl
wing - elk hair
thorax - Ice Dub golden brown
post - Congo Hair white
hackle - grizzly
legs - medium rubber cornsnake

mash barb and wrap shank with thread back to point above barb

in the pics it looked like the body was a 6mm piece of foam; since I don't have any, 3 layers and Super Glue will have to do; taper the butt end

a little Super Glue on the shank to help hold things in place

I slit the bottom layer of foam with a razor (not shown), to help seat the foam; let the butt extend hook gap width past the bend and tie in

over the top and create the 1st body segment


bind foam down on front half of hook shank

tie in some Krystal Flash and fold back

clean, stack a clump of elk hair; measure for length (let it extend a bit past the butt)

tie elk in and trim butts

bind wing with non-tox wire; tie in Congo Hair, post it up and tie in hackle (shiny side out)

dub thread, dub thorax; tie in legs, finish with thread at post position

grab hackle and start wrapping post from top down

cram as many wraps of hackle as you can; let it hang down, take 2 horizontal turns of thread at base of post

half hitch x 2, SHHAN, trim KF, post, legs, head and you're done




Derek Young

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Excellent tie. Here's a hint when tying with multiple layers of foam, like on my YakCaddis. Don't glue the pieces together, which allows you to move the thread forward between the layers, then make your wrap. Continue towards eye segmenting the foam. It's only cosmetic, but does give a cleaner appearance.


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Thanks for that tip; I'll give it a try. Funny you mentioned the YakCaddis; cool looking fly, was going to give it a go.



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Hi guys,
Nice job on the SBS, Scott. I have a question about the hackle and post. As I understand it, the role of the hackle on a dry fly is for the tips of the hackle fibers to create a large area of contact with the surface film. The surface tension of hackle tips on the water balance the weight of the fly (watch the dimples at each of the legs of a water strider). On this fly, the hackle is so far above what appears to be the waterline, does the hackle actually add significantly to flotation? If you were to leave the post and hackle out (and perhaps add a piece of colored foam as a visual indicator), would these changes have a significant impact on the fly's flotation?



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I can't answer for Mr. Swisher, but with all the foam on this fly, I don't think the hackle/post do much for floatation. I'm thinking they're for stabilization and help the fly land upright.