Switch build


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Batson RX7 10'6" 8wt switch
This was a budget build and I took a couple of preformed grips and made the handle
Alps guides
Prowrap no cp burgundy thread
Gudebrod silver metallic trip wraps
Threadmaster lite finish.

Wraps and epoxy turned out well, seems like a nice rod. I will hopefully get out to test cast this week. I am thinking this is for a donation rod? Fun build



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Nice rod. Burgundy looks good on the graphite.
I'd be curious to see your whole upper grip.
And learn exactly how you made it from a couple of standard grips?
I combined a couple as shown in this thread, working on a 6 wt Batson switch:
not a beautiful grip, but I wanted to get something on the blank in a quick and simple way. I may turn it some more to even out the profile along the top part of the grip.