Martha Lk. Quick Fix

Greg Armstrong

Had a couple hours free and enjoyed the warmth of the spring sunshine on Martha until dusk.
Lots of fish on top feeding on midges. They were all cookie cutter 11" bows, but fought well and actually looked and fought like a trout when hooked. A damsel nymph and quick strips worked nicely. No Browns caught by me, but a spring break kid and his buddies caught a dandy on a worm. It was good to get out.
I fished Martha for the first time on Tuesday. Lots of midge activity. There must have been several hundred swallows dive bombing the lake. I picked up my first fish by intentionally fishing low and slow with chironomids. I found fish in around 10 ft. of water right on the bottom. My last fish of the day was pushing 18". That's a deep lake! Not much in the way of sloping terrain.


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went there today. lost a few on mids. was windy with mids coming off slowly and scattered. bank guy got a few dunking power bait.
but the real winner was a cormorant. he got 4-5 trips in about an hour. at that rate they can do some damage to the fish population.
I was on the water for a few hours last night. Picked up a handful of smaller 11" fish just under the surface using small drab wet flies. If anyone happens to snag a mesh bag full of rocks and about 40' of rope attached to it then you can have yourself a free anchor system for your float tube. Forgot to tie off when I was changing reels and the weight and rope slipped over the edge. This is the second time this has happened in the past four outings. I wish I could say I learned my lesson, but I've done it twice now in less then a month!