FS Sotar Cat 11' Excellent Condition

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2008 11' Sotar Elite Fishcat

11 ft Sotar Elite Fishcat (X20)
Steel 1 person fishcat frame
Anchor mount
Dry Box, NO SEAT
Sawyer light oars

I bought it new in 2008 and have only used it in Lake Sammamish. I am moving to TX so I am selling it. I bought it direct from Sotar. I will be leaving on vacation on Wednesday Jan 20th for 1 week.
I bought the boat January 2010 from original owner. Used it 12 times or less. Yes I got a smoking deal. If you're interested in a cat that you can do just about anything in, this is it. Anchor it, stand up on it, row it, etc. Will fit inside the bed/canopy of a full size truck partially deflated.

I don't use it enough to keep it. Boat sits in my warehouse when not in use. No patches, leaks, etc.

$1800 obo. Close to my asking price is what it'll take.

Iphone Pics 020.JPG Iphone Pics 022.JPG Iphone Pics 188.JPG


beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto
that is a mans boat. not some pussy little tooner. i'd row white horse and boxcar in that. looks like you could just add spey rod and head to the deschutes. is the lab standard equipment or optional ? sorry about texas :(
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