FS 7 Mounted Atlantic Salmon Flies

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Decided to sell a few of my flies, mounted as shown previously on this thread. The mounts are about 10cm by 4cm by 3cm (approx) and look great on table top , shelf, desk or tying bench.

The patterns for sale are as follows - $80 each shipped priority with tracking in USA. To canada will be $85

Green Highlander - SOLD
Rosy Dawn 4/0 - Ready for immediate shipment (Pictured above)
Lady Amherst 6/0
Durham Ranger 4/0
Druggist 1/0
Variegated Sun Fly 4/0
Tom Tickler 2/0

Those not linked directly above, can be seen on this thread

I have mounts ordered and should have them within the next couple weeks. All flies will be newly tied.
If you order one, I will send you a picture of the finished fly for approval prior to shipping. Ultimately you need to be happy with what your buying and I'm willing to alter or completely retie any fly purchased after you view the image I send. The image will be of the actual fly you will receive.

If anyone is interested in owning one of these flies shoot me a PM. I'll take either paypal, personal check or USPS money order for payment.

Thanks for looking.

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