Occupy Skagit - A Message To Anglers

The is a post from our Facebook page - our hope is this helps you, the angler understand what we are trying to accomplish with Occupy Skagit and Management of our Puget Sound river basins.

Thank you - Chris DeLeone

We wanted to give you a quick history of the Skagit since the CnR closure in 2010.

The Skagit did make escapement in 2012 with a total run size of 6,185. We also saw 5,655 return in 2011 and 4,113 in 2010 . In 2009 we had a very low escapement of 2,502 and the offspring of those fish are expected to be the major contributor to this years return. Hopefully the returns this year will be significa
ntly above the forecast level. If so that maybe an indicator of improving marine survival conditions and bode well for the future of the wild Skagit Steelhead resource.

I would like to make it very clear that we at OS are not advocating fishing over low returns - we would like to have a CnR season when numbers return to the escapement levels.

Because of NOAA's current management plan - they will not open a specific river meeting escapement in Puget Sound, they are advocating a total Puget Sound Recovery - which is great, but if the Skagit has 6,000 to 9,000 fish returning and the Puyallup, Skykomish, Stilly or Green are not meeting escapement - it makes no sense to us that the Skagit should not have a regulated Catch and Release season on it.

With better marine survival and some of the best freshwater habitat still left in Puget Sound - our hope is that we will see strong returns in 2013 and 2014. So putting in place a basin by basin abundance management plan with WDFW and NOAA - when returns are strong say 2014 and after - it will not be a huge fight with government to open a river meeting escapement. Our goal is to be proactive and have a plan in place when things are good - we are all Steelheader's so being optimistic is in our blood.

Thanks again for your support and taking the time to understand what we are trying to accomplish here

Please email us your support - with your name and hometown to take to the Commission Meeting this Saturday, April 13th. Its important they know that anglers care and want to have an opportunity for Catch and Release seasons.


Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
No...we are going to lead them down the path...
I'll bring the whip and the electric dog collar; we can "persuade" them... Maybe! If not, well, politicians aren't an endangered species; we can lose a few and there's plenty to replace them. Look up decimation as a punishment in the legions of Rome:eek:

Charles Sullivan

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There already is a tribal netting schedule...just sayin'

The netting schedule over hatchery fish that kill early returners and sockeye killing potential egg barges and late "winters". The natives net to the limit of their impact one way or another.

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if there is a C&R season then there will also be a tribal gillnet season.

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There always has been a tribal gillnet season on Skagit steelhead. If you would have been following along you would have seen where we have shown that neither tribal harvest nor catch and release has had any significant effect on the number of steelhead in the Skagit for over 30 years.