Swap Salmonfly/GS swap

Got the flies...great ties! I feel a little under qualified for this one, but I do know that the fish like it...

I'll probably be testing these out in a couple of weekends...
Got mine today. Love em! Echo Randall"s sentiment, you guys roll some amazing bugs. First swap, so much fun, felt like Christmas. Will definately try get into others if I can get up to your guys level.
Got mine today too! Great ties all. What you guys can do with foam is amazing, I'm terrible with it. Travis, what did you use for the underwing?

Randall, what hook did you use?

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I'll check once I get home (Tuesday), it's a Gami, but I don't recall the exact model. I've found that fish seem to stick better on the Gami's than anything else I've used (mostly Tiemco).
Huge thanks to Travis and the rest of you for sharing these amazing flies. The quality of these ties is likely the best I've seen in any swaps and some creative patterns to boot. Stoneflies are flying on the Henry's Fork right now, I'll have to go give these a whirl this week.

Thanks again.